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Buying your next home can be a fun experience!  Working with us will be simple and satisfying, we are looking forward to it! We will walk you through the entire process, or let you use our tools until you are ready for us.  Never any rush, we work at your pace and provide just what you need.

Our Buying Process

I want to point out from the very beginning that buying a home isn't the same from team to team or office to office.  Your experience will be different.  Buying a home with The Lifestyles Group will be a combination of technology and high touch.  We provide you with some of the most high-tech options in the Houston and Fort Bend County areas combined with personal attention specific to your needs.   There is no rush, ever, and our services are provided free of charge!

How it all works.

Buying a home has many moving parts and it can seem overwhelming.  We will help keep you organized and on track for success, keeping in mind when you want to be in your new home.  Your part of the process includes pre-approval, consultation with our team, research, touring homes, making a final decision, working with us on a final offer, the big party - closing at the Title Company (yea!!) then, of course, moving in.  Let's look at what those mean in a little more detail.


This very important step in the home buying process, getting pre-approved with a lender, is often overlooked in the beginning of a home buyers road map.  But knowing exactly what you qualify for will impact the research you do from the start.  You will want to have a good idea how much you can afford, so you are looking for the right house!  You are welcome to use any lender you wish to obtain this pre-approval.  If you need a recommendation, contact us and we will tell you the one and only lender we work with.


We would love to visit with you face to face in our office before we get started.  At this meeting, we get an opportunity to discuss your needs and wants.  We explain the search process, what to search for is as important what NOT to search for. We will explain the accuracy of the data and how that can impact how and what you search for.  It's all about providing you the best experience and we find this meeting is a great way to get started.  We look forward to meeting you!


You are probably already accustomed to searching online for real estate.  We are going to show you a new experience from new ways we use technology to how we incorporate our natural desire to be social in your search experience.  We are confident you will like our approach!

Search your current location

On your mobile phone or tablet, the "Use My Current Location" button lets you search for and find homes right where you are.  Want to live near a friend?  Find homes near your church? This feature is perfect for that!

Mobile Search Experience

Our website has been tested on a wide range of mobile devices so you can get around on mobile with ease.  And what you can do your desktop you can do on your mobile phone, completely!

Subscribe to and manage searches for timely information

You can subscribe to one of the popular searches we have already created or create and subscribe to one of your own.  Manage your notifications, edit your searches rather than starting over, and receive timely updates according to your needs, instant, daily, weekly or monthly.

Map search tools

You know what they say, location, location, location!  There isn't a better way to understand location than with a map, but our map search tools are different.  On our map of search results, the first 100 display with a green marker showing the price, the next 100 show a small green dot.  Hover either and more details pop up.  Additionally, you can search by drawing and editing multiple polygons or using the map boundaries.

Call Me about any Listing

From your mobile phone, the "Call About This Listing" button connects directly to your phone so you can call me instantly.

Search together with social search tools

Our research told us that for many people, the existing search means out there fall short in providing the right search experience. We know there is often more than 1 decision maker or a home buyer wants input from friends and family.  Now you can by creating your very own Search Party!

Search filters

You can search by location, price, school, year built, days online (not available at HAR), the size of the lot and house, price change, MLS ID, HOA fees, open houses, golf course properties, pools, and others.  


During your research, you will probably run across many homes that you would like to see during a personal tour. You will probably see many more homes that do not look very interesting. During this process of final selection, over the years we have seen that sometimes our clients have found it helpful to let others weigh in on the discussion. Others may see or notice things that you overlook at first. Well, we have made that very easy for you with our social search tools that let you create what we call a "search party"! You can invite others to see homes you are considering and start a conversation about each home where everyone can comment. We designed this process so that we can't see a thing unless you want us to. So, let's have a party, a SEARCH PARTY!

Road Trip!

I think most everyone likes a good road trip, so let's go!  After you have narrowed down your list of homes to those that have a shot of being "the one", we want to set up some time to go see them.  Our team will set these times during the time of day or day of the week that works best for you.  We know you might work during a specific time of day or your work schedule makes specific days better than others, and we want to work around that.   When we visit these homes, you'll want to do what you've always wanted to do at your neighbor's home, open every door and cabinet!  Seriously, the seller and their agent expect you to look closely, they want you to take as much time as you need to fall in love with their home.


Will it be love at first sight?  Or will you need to see many homes?  We won't know until we start looking, but in time you will fall in love.  Once you do, we need to get an offer written up.  We will start with helping you evaluate the home's value.  Just because a home has a specific list price doesn't mean the seller is offering the home at just the right price.  They might price the home exactly right, but likely the home is either priced lower than its value (believe it or not this sometimes happens) or too high.  We will help you determine what the right offer price is by providing you a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and other intelligence.  But offer price is only part of the equation.  Is there competition with other buyers?  Do you as a buyer need contingencies, does the seller have any? We are here to help you with this process, and we take it seriously.


We will negotiate on your behalf a period of time during which you will have access to the home without fear of someone else snatching it in order for you to do your due diligence or inspections.  The period of time you have is negotiable, but a reasonable amount of time to request is between 7 and 10 days.  This time period is called the Option Period.  The type of inspection or inspections you decide to get depends on the house and your needs.  You almost always will get a structural and mechanical inspection, but what about inspections for termites?  Should you pay an air conditioning technician to look at the heating and air conditioning system?  Is there a pool and do you need to bring in a separate pool inspector?  Do you need an Engineer?  We will help you sort all of this out and get it all done in the time we have.

Close the deal!

In a real estate transaction, closing refers to a specific point in time, designated in the contract, when ownership of the home is transferred to the buyer.   But closing takes quite a lot of preparation and work. There is keeping your lender moving forward so they fully qualify you according to the terms of the contract, and are ready to close on time.  We need to ensure the appraisal is ordered and completed on time and that all Title work is done.  It is our job to make sure these things happen timely so that the act of closing happens on time and with as little stress as possible.