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In nearly every market and every neighborhood, selling your home is a price war and beauty contest.  We will help you understand the dynamics of your specific niche market, in your neighborhood and advise you how your decisions on price and eye appeal will impact the ultimate sales price and days on market for your home.  Our job is to overlay those natural conditions of an open market with advantages relative to the competition.  We provide great looking digital and print media and advertising beyond the MLS and yard sign.  We look forward to discussing your home sale.  Contact us to start that conversation.  In the mean time, here is an overview of our selling process.

Pre-Listing Inspection and Consultation

Your home's value is impacted by other recent sales of homes comparative to yours in or near your neighborhood.  But that isn't necessarily the entire picture.  Your home may be different in many ways compared to homes that have sold.  You may have upgraded floors, counters, windows or other items that make your home stand out.  There are many physical factors that could impact your home's value.  In order to give you the best advice on pricing, we would like to visit you in your home to best understand how your home fits into the market. This may also be a great time to discuss adjustments that would help your home show best.  

Market Analysis Review

After completing our pre-listing inspection we are armed with the information we combine with market data to recommend to you a list price range.  At this review, we inform you of the market conditions in your neighborhood that will impact your sale and what role pricing has on the outcome.

Complimentary Services

Marketing your home is much more than a few pictures, a yard sign and a listing in the MLS.  We work hard to make your home stand out.  

Professional Media Package

We will work with you to get your home ready for professional high-end photography and capture 360 degrees images with special 360 degrees equipment.

Comprehensive Marketing

Customized web page, social media presence, prominent local print, & more.

Broker Tours and Open Houses

We utilize our network within the largest RE/MAX office in the state to showcase your home to potential buyers and agents who sell more homes than any other office in the entire Houston area.